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Tri State Masters:

Green Valley Thursday 3-man – 2023

This is the Team List for the 2023 Thursday Green Valley 3-Man League.

The 2023 First Night of League is April 20.  5;30 SHOTGUN START EACH NIGHT!

MATCHES FOR May 11 HAVE BEEN CANCELLED due to unplayable wet conditions.



1 Feliciano Avina Team
2 Spero Vlahoulis Team
3 Dean LaFrentz Team
4 Mason Henjes Team
5 Russ Slump Team
6 Shane Reed Team
7 Dave Ouellette Team
8 Jeremy Heizelman Team
9 Kyle Sandage Team
10 Butch Newman Team
11 Brandon Dicks Team
12 King James Team
13 Dave Suhr Team
14 Ben Schultz Team
15 Jeremy McGlaughlin Team
16 Eric Post Team
17 Kevin Will Team
18 Justin Voigt Team
19 Jason Reed Team
20 Jerry Grimsley Team